Bank Instruments:  API / KTT / GPI Automatic / SBLC / Ledger to Ledger

GOLD  (Buyers and Sellers)  

Carbon Credits  (often called carbon offest) 

FUEL: JET A1, JP54, D6, D2, EN590, Crude Oil, LNG/LPG Muscat Oman, LNG/LPG, Petcoke, LCO, Base Oil K-150 / K-400, SN-150 & SN-500, Bitumen 60/70 70/80

BITCOIN  (Buyers and Sellers) small or large quantities.  Cash deals and bank to bank

GERMAN BONDS 1924, Golden Guns, Yellow Dragon & America Bonds

Zimbabwe Bonds 

Iraqi Notes


DIAMONDS (We can deliver diamonds to Dubai)

FOOD:  Soyabean, Sugar, Corn, Sunflower oil, Palm and Canola oils

PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

PPE (masks, gloves, antigen tests etc)