Medical/ Wellness Solutions/ Concept

In recent years, the term “Medical Wellness” has become increasingly important. Among the different therapeutic approaches, it is as the name implies situated between medical and SPA/wellness. Medical Wellness combines medical diagnosis and therapy techniques with wellness.  JAS will offer a complete range of wellness products and is also hoping to run clinical trials with these products.  As more and more conditions become immune to antibiotics and other medication, it is really important to find alternatives that can aid recovery and boost the immune system.


We are able to facilitate the purchase of COVID Vaccines through our connections such as:

Sputnik, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer

We can also facilitate Flu Vaccines too.

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Our range of products have been carefully chosen and are not just for COVID 19 times, they are for post Covid too.  The spread of infection and new viruses will always be a threat because of what we are currently experiencing during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Aside from Covid Related products, we have products that are for the medical and fitness sectors which will revolutionise the industry. 


MoonRun, which is a start-up, is a very unique first of its kind product that connects to the internet and gives a full aerobic and body workout.  MoonRun can challenge the best of Treadmills which are bulky and expensive to service when things go wrong.  More importantly the impact of long term use can be detrimental on the joints.  MoonRun has been designed so that there is little or no pressure on the joints. 

Hello SportsTech in Germany did an independent review –