Fitness/ Wellness Solutions/ Concept

In recent years, the term “Medical Wellness” has become increasingly important especially Mental Health wellbeing which has constantly been highlighted in the last year and a half. Medical Wellness combines medical diagnosis and therapy techniques with wellness. Among the different therapeutic approaches it is as the name implies situated between medical spa and wellness. 

Keeping fit is part of JAS's Ethos which helps create a positive mental and general wellbeing.  Getting children active in play, adults too for that matter, is possible with the forthcoming combined aerobic / gaming station.  

MoonRun, a start-up,  that JAS Invested in, is an affordable product, that is portable, suitable for all ages and doesn't require an extra room for bulky equipment and what is unique is that it connects to the internet.  The main advantage is that when running there is none or little pressure on the joints.  Tis makes MoonRun the most exciing new technology to enter the fitness market for a long time.  Hello SportsTech, (they review all new products for the Sporting world) in Germany gave MoonRun the most amazing review (they were not paid to carry out this review).  They even go as far as to suggest that MoonRun could replace the treadmill!